WFH with Niki

Founder Niki Korman shares a glimpse into her NYC apartment, her day-to-day routine from home and a look into the true life behind WFH.


Tribeca Loft

The first thing I do in the morning is make myself a cup of coffee- or matcha! I’ve been super in matcha lately. I just got this matcha kit from instagram so I’ve been switching it up with that. After I’ve had my daily dose of caffeine, I check my emails. This is one of the most important parts of my day because all of the orders come through to me. I throw on my comfy Cooper Jeans and then head out to UPS. I personally package and ship out every order, so it’s really important to me that my customers get their pieces on time. 



The majority amount of my day is mainly spent in my studio space, which is in the loft of my apartment. It’s where I can really get creative and focus on sketching any new ideas, as well as crank out some of the pieces I sew myself like the Jules Tanks, Braid Tank, and Tux Tank. I’m wearing many hats at the moment, from sketching and sewing to shipping and handling, order fulfillment, accounting and website management, and of course creating new pieces for the collection. Whenever I’m in a bind or feeling overwhelmed, I always call my Pop. He’s one of my biggest entrepreneurial inspirations, and he’s been my strongest supporter since day one. He always pushes me to go further with the brand and make it the best it can be.


studio space


The world is much different now than it was nearly a year ago, and my nights are consisting of much more time on the couch with a glass of white wine than on the dance floor at Make Believe. But honestly, it’s given me time to focus on my brand and be truly appreciative for the life I have. It’s a great time to reflect and practice patience, and I’ve even picked up a few new hobbies along the way. I’ve found cooking to be super therapeutic and I’ve even picked up a bit of sign language on some cool apps I downloaded, but I’m mainly using this time to think up new pieces for NTK. 



Right before bed I do my skincare routine, which turns out isn't much of a routine as I usually switch it up here and there. To be honest, skincare isn’t necessarily my forte, but i'm fortunate enough that my mom owns a medical spa and I am constantly supplied with the best products! Then, I slip on my Cameron Tee, climb into bed and light the NTK signature candle to unwind. 





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