Graphic Content

In another one of NTK’s creative projects, photographer Ben Benson creates a focal point around one customized NTK piece - The Stevie leather jacket. For this particular shoot dubbed “Graphic Content,” designer and calligraphist Daniel Gold did quite a bit of artwork on a classic staple in the NTK collection. The goal was to make a form of wearable art, and the motto for the shoot was “Wear Niki or Nothing.” The model for this shoot was showcased wearing quite literally, nothing but NTK. We caught up with Gold to hear a bit more about his creative process for this project:

                                                                                                                                    “Working on the Wear Niki or Nothing jacket was an incredible experience. In all my calligraphy work I’ve tried to write phrases that are worth reading,” says Gold. For this project, I took inspiration from the provocative tone of Niki’s “Touch Me” tagline. Once I locked in the language, being my first leather piece, I had to test different paints, inks, brushes, and applications on scrap material to figure out the right look and durability for the jacket,” he explains. “I’m used to faint, erasable pencil marks on paper to keep my lettering straight – so I also had to figure out non-destructive guidelines. I ended up using two laser levels, traditionally used to hang wall art. After practicing the phrases for days on paper, I felt confident in my muscle memory to apply on the real jacket. As a final step, I wanted to give the piece further dimension, so with great care I flicked paint from the tip of a blunt syringe to create the graduated depth of the splattered sleeves and collar.” 

The shoot was dreamt up and directed by the founder herself, emphasizing this idea of wearable art. The model is adorned with a fire-red wig, wearing close to nothing except for sheer nude tights and a pair of distressed converse. The jacket was to be the focal point of another edgy and slightly abstract NTK project, showcasing the brand in a whole new light. Take a look at some of the images from this rebellious art form inspired shoot with NTK….




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