After Hours

In one of NTK’s many creative content projects, videographer Trevor Viner captures the brand in a not-so-glamorous light. Showcasing two badass New Yorkers after hours in a dimly lit billiards bar, he unveils some NTK pieces like you’ve never seen them before. 


The inspiration around this video was to highlight the real New York City, and show that it’s not always about expensive cocktails and glitzy nights out. The goal was to display some of the more core products of NTK, like the staple leather jacket, and film them in their natural, edgy habitat. “We wanted to show the moody, gritty atmosphere of a nightlife scene, and really exhibit the clothes in motion.” The video emphasizes that a woman can be tough and down for anything, but also extremely sexy and powerful at the same time. 

Creative Director, Niki, wanted to show a different side of the city, and give a glimpse into what a night out with her girlfriends might look like. “I like heading to the west side for a night out, and Fat Cat is definitely one of my favorite spots. I love to play pool with my friends or even catch whatever jazz band is playing that night - the place is filled with down to earth people who love New York for its raw, natural self. I can just throw on my Chucks and my favorite NTK Billy Jacket, have a few cheap drinks and really enjoy the night. I wanted this video to completely embody that vibe, because that’s really what my brand is all about - being your truest self (but in your most confident, edgiest form!).




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