About the Brand with Niki

Inspired by her own personal style and unapologetic edge, fashion designer and New York City resident Niki Korman dreamt up NTK - a brand that blesses us with everything from a signature white tank to the perfect leather jacket. The line emphasizes all people- the confident, bold and beautiful, and the importance of quality over quantity in a wardrobe - it’s all about those staples.  We caught up with the Founder and Creative Director to dig a little deeper into the vision behind NTK the Brand, and what we can look forward to next. 


Where did the initial spark for the brand come from? 


My personal style is pretty simple- comfy jeans, a basic tee, paired with a cool purse and sneakers or sometime the occasional heel. I wanted to create truly wearable pieces that will last a lifetime, and that you can make look like new every day- something that is not just trendy right now. I realized I could find these pieces, but none of them had that NTK edge I was searching for. I love buckle details, so on the back of my jeans instead of your generic leather logo patch, I created mine with a subtle fabric buckle. It’s the details in my work that give these looks something special and make them unique to NTK. 


The leather jacket is obviously one of the hero pieces from your brand, what made you choose this as one of the core components of NTK?


Everyone needs a good leather jacket- it’s simply a necessity to a person’s wardrobe. My first good leather jacket was from All Saints. I was truly obsessed with it and wore it absolutely everywhere, but there was nothing distinctive about it and everyone had one. I wanted to create something more personally suited to me- something different. Thus, the Eddie Jacket was born!


What can we look forward to from NTK?


I really love leather and the way it looks on the body, but it’s very pricey to work with and it’s always a challenge to make it affordable for my customers. So to keep my pieces high quality without losing that true leather feel, I’ve started working with a lot of coated denim. Keep an eye out for some new top styles releasing this spring- just in time for life to get back to normal.


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